Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aha! A theory

I think I may have found my trigger, or should I say 'my most-of-the-time-trigger.' This is great, but it also causes a few interesting questions. Let me explain and see what we can come up with.

So my latest flare-up had been pretty intense on my level of flare-ups, and definitely being the longest and worst since I was diagnosed with RA. My pain was constant. At my worst I struggled to get out of my bathtub and slept/rested most of my time home. While at my best I was able to make it home with enough energy to make super and stay up later to spend time with my boyfriend.

Looking back, I now realize that I had started to feel better when I listened to my body. Most days I just rush through, doing what needs to be done or stressing over one thing or another. I have the normal stresses at work and home, and this is what made the light ball turn on: and I have my "explosion" moments.

These moments are usually caused when I try to shove responsibilities off(causing more stress because I am thinking about them and worrying) as well as suppressing certain emotions. I'm not saying this causes RA or fixing this will stop flare-ups, I'm just saying that I believe my flare-ups may be triggered by stress.

I have been feeling pretty good for the last week. Actually, I have been feeling great(great enough that upon waking on my days off,  I've been doing dishes, clean, cook AND bake all before noon). Then yesterday evening I had an argument over nothing - the stupid, pointless ones usually had with your significant other ;) - and by the end of night I was feeling like total crap. This morning I was in pain and I half limped home from work. My shoulders are sore again and I am so totally exhausted.

So, there are a few other things that might possibly lead into this theory of mine.I didn't sleep well the previous night due to a howling cat outside and the guy above my apartment seems incapable of getting up in the morning without us banging on our ceiling so he might(after half an hour of listening to the horrendous sound of the alarm clock) get up. Food. I don't feed my body enough of the good stuff. I know I need to focus on better nutrition, and when I eat sugary foods, junk and lots and lots of carbs, well, there's little room left for the good foods. So diet is also very important.

All in all, my conclusive list of what I believe to be my RA triggers are:
  • Stress
  • Suppressed emotions--especially anger
  • Sleep--bad sleep = added fatigue and more stress
  • Food--we are what we eat
  • Diet--same idea as food

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  1. Stressors...breathing. Really. There are days my chest walls have a flare and even breathing brings on the pain. LOL but true. You have a good list going there and hopefully it will help you to calm the pain tide when it starts to rise. In my opinion ra'ers are the most perceptive people I know. I think we have to be in order to maximize our lives.