Saturday, May 7, 2011

One Year Aniiversary Reflection

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of me starting this blog, and let's be honest, I know I haven't been writing as much as I had originally planned!

The last year has truly been a learning experience, and although I haven't really come any closer to finding a way to manage my RA without the use of medication, I still believe that it is possible. Looking back over my posts I have noticed how negative I feel now compared to how I was then, so I think I'll start ending each post with a positive thought. After all, how are we supposed to go about our day when we look at everything with a negative twist. It kind of takes the joy out of living!

I've focused a lot on diet and food that could be possible triggers to my RA, but I have been shying away from the one diet change that I think would probably benefit me. I would love to have the strength to cut dairy and gluten from my diet, even if it was only for a few months and then to try them again to see if it might be causing some of my flare-ups. I guess I have been afraid to try, or afraid that I might actually have a reaction to these things. To be honest, I love cheese. And bread. I eat rice pasta sometimes, and it isn't too bad, although the texture is a little odd. I think that it is something I need to try, though.

So the positive thought for this blog is....
"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." - Willie Nelson

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