Thursday, September 15, 2011

Symptoms and looking for a little help!

I decided to do up a list of the symptoms I have been experiencing on a daily basis since June 2011. Since the doctor doesn't think I have RA and suspects I have Fibromyalgia but is not certain, I was hoping someone here could help with any thoughts so that I might be able to bring up some possible ideas at my next appointment in November.

In the mean time, I am making appointments with a highly recommended consultant at The Health Basket, a health store in Cole Harbour. He is known for helping people treat diseases naturally, and I hope he will be able to shed some light on my issues. I am also going for a Bio-Pulse Scan at Casaroma's(Info on Bioscans here) tomorrow, and will post how that goes.

With that being said, here is my (fairly long) list of symptoms. I really appreciate any input here!

·         -Pain in fingers, particularly index fingers
·         -Pain all over, comes and goes at different degrees throughout the day
·         -Sudden feeling of extreme tiredness, like energy has been zapped
·         -Feels like I have a constant flu(minus nausea) with body aches
·         -Pain ranges from 2-8 on a daily basis, changing without any indication
·         -Stiffness in fingers, mostly indexes
·         -Stiff when I sit still for too long
·         -Pain when I sit still for too long or move around too much
·         -Index fingers feel weak, hurt to use
·         -Pain in elbows comes and goes
·         -Wrists sometimes hurt, and when I put too much pressure on them extreme pain on occasion.
·         -Index fingers pop when they bend, painful
·         -Shoulders(mostly left) grind and is painful
·         -Knees ache, above the knee, beside the knee
·         -Ankles and feet hurt
·         -Big toes ache
·         -Sensitive spots to touch
·         -Shock-like pain on forearm occasionally, usually right forearm but sometimes left
·         -Tension headaches
·         -Anxiety, emotional
·         -Constantly feeling cold, usually have to have a blanket over me when at home even when it is hot out
·         -Wake up feeling unrested, regardless if I have slept 4 or 12 hours.
·         -Painful to hold a pen in my hand when I write one line.
·         -Hurts to brush my hair
·         -Hard to do up buttons, zippers, open bottles, use can openers
·         -Occasional shooting pain through the joint where thumb and wrist connect
·         -Can be hard to get out of bed in the mornings, stiffness and pain related
·         -Cannot use the bathroom as easily as before(number 2)
·         -If I bump my hand or knee on something the pain is intense and lasts
·         -14 of the 18 trigger points for fibromyalgia
·         -Sometimes have trouble thinking clearly and focusing
·         -No RA factor in blood work or anything showing auto-immune disorders. Checked for Lupus and nothing came up abnormal. No sign of joint damage or RA in hands. No inflammation indication in blood work.
·         -I constantly bump into walls(clumsy I know), I was clumsy before but it has gotten worse in the last few months
·         -Get words mixed up several times a day
·         -Memory has become worse since June, although this could be caused by the marijuana or the pain.

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