Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exciting News!

It's been a few days since my last post, but I am FINALLY feeling better! That cold is a nasty one that seems to attack everything and anything in your body. It started in my throat, went to my sinus's, my body ached, I had headaches and a sore throat, went temporarily deaf from the sinus stuff and now it is in my chest. On the bright side, I am feeling better today than I have been all week!

I found out a few interesting things to help with the common cold during this week, using my body as an experiment...and since I was already sick, it couldn't really hurt, right? I discovered that Tabasco sauce, salt, ginger, black pepper, lemon and honey mixed with a bit of warm water then gargled helps relieve a sore throat. Mind you it burns the tongue. I also discovered how much I hate halls and how badly they upset my stomach, but Fishermen's Friend are lovely and help a dry, scratchy throat more than Halls. They are also easier on the stomach and cheaper on the wallet...

I am also thinking about cutting out ALL sources of meat, including eggs and dairy. The thought of eggs has been turning me off, but cheese, well cheese is always tasty! I am just cutting down on the cheese and avoiding the eggs. I am not eating fish anymore, it just doesn't appeal to me in any way.

Another very exciting thing I have discovered is that my pain is very minimum, hardly there at all and my stiffness! Oh my! Are you ready for the news...? My stiffness, which I have been having for years and years, that causes trouble with me in the kitchen and doing every day things with my hands...It is INCREDIBLY LESS!

I am so happy to see this change! I was at work today cutting tomatoes and noticed it wasn't hurting. I was preparing Spicy Chicken Salad for the sandwiches at work, slicing lots of chicken nuggets and chicken burgers...Normally I would have to stop every few minutes to give my hands a rest. This time, I didn't have to stop once. Not once! I am very happy and excited about this!

It will be interesting to see how things go tomorrow, because we have a rain storm starting tonight. If I am pain free and stiff-free tomorrow, I will be ecstatic. I am already ecstatic, but I'll be even more so tomorrow!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying the weather. Does anyone have snow yet?

Take care!


  1. Great news, Stacie! I'm glad that you're feeling so much better, both from the cold and from RA. Hope that the RA improvements continue. ;o)

  2. Thanks so much Wren! I hope you are doing well!