Monday, October 18, 2010


I was feeling much better today compared to how I have been feeling for the last week. I woke up stiff but didn't have as much trouble moving around as I have been having, and the pain was minimum. I packed my lunch for work(rice and veggies, honey pretzel sticks, sliced pineapple, strawberries, melon and a side of guacamole) and was feeling pretty good.

I then had some cheese and potato perogies for supper, and SURPRISE! It's like my pain was throwing me a surprise party...I don't know if it was caused by the perogies or maybe even the temperature. I started feeling pain about an hour to two hours after eating the perogies. Is it even possible to have a reaction to food that quickly? Like I said, it could also be the temperature. The sun has gone down and the temperature is dropping with it, so the cold might be related to it, too.

I found a lovely list of supplements for RA today, and am thinking about bringing a combination of several lists to one of the local health food stores to see what they think and what they advise. Arhtritis today has a good, easy to read list of supplements but I find that herbs2000 does a much better job at identifying why the herbs and supplements are beneficial to RA patients. Just remember that you should consult your rheumatologist or doctor before beginning any new supplements, herbs or medications. Although herbs and vitamins may seem safe enough, some of them can react badly with medicines and should be avoided if you have certain conditions. 

Do you take any of these supplements or herbs? Did you find they helped your RA symptoms?

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