Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dairy, A Self Experiment

This week I have been doing a little self-experiment. I want to see which foods effect me the most, and if I can handle them at small doses. If you've been reading my blog, the foods that have been causing my pain have mainly been Gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, tomatoes, and potatoes.

This past week I have been testing myself on the every so delicious dairy. I ate a donair plate(GF meat) smothered in cheese and donair sauce. Enjoyed cheese on rice pasta, gf pizza, and on the side for veggie platters. I indulged on sour cream and nacho dip. I tried to enjoy dairy at every opportunity. I know that sounds like a lot of junk, but I managed to keep up with the veggies and yummy, healthy foods, too! Moderation, right?

So, today ends the week of dairy. Most of my dairy consumption occurred over the last two days with home made onion dip, the base being sour cream. Conclusion: dairy is a trigger for my pain.

My shoulders have been achy and I have had a persistent headache all week. My feet have been bothering me, my ankle has been clicking. I feel slightly bloated and am really gassy(appealing, eh?). But the worst of it all happened today. I woke up with my fingers and wrist sore. My index finger on my right hand is stiff, and painful to move. For the first time in months, I needed my boyfriends help...I couldn't turn the key to the laundry room. After trying four times by myself, I went to him for help, and he easily opened it. That was a bit of a shock, it wouldn't have been so bad if he struggled with it, too.

So, dairy is a big no-no. I'm going to continue to avoid all the 'no' foods until my symptoms subside, and then I'll test something else. Maybe tomatoes. I am dying for spaghetti sauce ;) So until then, acidophilus, water and 'yes' foods it is!

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  1. I hope this process works for you and you are able to hunt down the worst attackers. Wouldn't it be great to be able to control most of your pain through diet?